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Tulip Hiroshima pins and needles

I have never got excited about pins or needles before. Well actually, I will admit to getting a little excited about the Entomology pins from Merchant & Mills. They were just those standard things I had in my kit that did the job. It didn't occurred to me that there might be a ‘luxury’ range … until I discovered these Japanese Tulip Hiroshima pins in Claire Tyler’s shop whilst attending her blazer workshop.

A few Tulip Hiroshima Patchwork Pins loose on an oak table, with a clear plastic test tube packaging with cork, and box

They have some beautiful glass head pins with marbled effect, but I got these Patchwork Pins as you get more in a pack. Here they are being used on the sleeve lining of my Heather Blazer by The Friday Pattern Company.

A few Tulip Hiroshima Patchwork Pins being used to pin a sleeve lining on the Heather Blazer by the Friday Pattern Company

At first the pins seemed to have a little friction, but once I wiped the shaft between my finger and thumb it seemed to do the trick. The pins are polished in a certain way that they minimise contact with the fabric and therefore glide really smoothly.

I also got a pack of needles which are polished in the same way, and make hand sewing a real joy. Who knew basting could feel so good?

A few Tulip Hiroshima needles size 7 loose on an oak table, with a clear plastic test tube packaging with cork, and box

They have a vast range of pins and needles that come in the most beautiful packaging like mini test tubes, and the cardboard boxes have a real sense of luxury. For me personally, I like sewing items to feel like a treat, and these definitely do.

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