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About my website and blog

When I started to sew in 2020, I fell in love with the idea of creating a beautiful handmade wardrobe uniquely for me. I make plenty of mistakes but always feel so proud of the finished garment because of what I’ve learnt. However, this is a very slow and painful process and many times I’ve looked back in hindsight and seen what seems so obvious later on.

I'm sharing my thought processes, tips, mistakes and my solutions in the hope that I can help out a fellow sewist using that pattern, or to use them in another similar situation. As I work through a pattern I'll be sharing as I go in blog posts, and once I finish the garment I'll put everything together in the Reviews page (or MingMakesMistakes as I like to call it!) to reference.

I will also be sharing articles and videos on the most awesome organisation system for details on your projects, patterns, fabrics, notions, sewing stores, resources ... and it can all be searched, filtered, sorted, linked, customised and related to your physical storage of these items. Can't wait to share this with you!

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About me


Time for sewing is slotted around my day job as a dentist and practice owner, something I am also passionate about. My husband James and I opened our practice in 2017 and it is a labour of love.

I grew up in London and moved to the outskirts of Bristol a few years after qualifying. The mix of easy access to the cities of Bristol, Bath and the beautiful Cotswold countryside suits us perfectly. I dream of a dedicated sewing studio, but until then the dining table and sideboard are my much loved spaces for creating!

My style of sewing is slow and controlled. I am quite happy to spend weeks or months on a single garment and try to pack in lots of learning, trying new techniques. No matter how long it takes, by using good quality beautiful fabric, every project has love poured into it.

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