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New sewing studio: Part 1. Demolition

In a totally spontaneous, "OMG, what did we just do?" kind of way, my husband and I bought a little holiday home in Wales. We love the southwest area of Wales which has so much beautiful coastline, and tends not to attract the big crowds that Cornwall does. We rent an Airbnb house in Pembrokeshire for 5-6 days twice a year around our birthdays in March and November. During these stays I bring my sewing gear, and it becomes a lovely retreat for me where I can really get stuck into a project.

Table with sewing machine and notions in front of a window with a view of a landscape with river, in Pembrokeshire, Wales

On our last visit as we were driving home, we commented (as we do each time) with how nice it would be to have a holiday home here. Next thing I know, I’ve found the perfect house on Rightmove going for a bargain price, and hubby views it the next day. The deal is done and we pick up the keys a mere 6 weeks later.

It is The. Best. Thing. Ever. And the absolute cherry on the cake is the beautiful attic room.

Loft attic room to be converted into sewing studio, with angled ceiling and large window in Pembrokeshire, Wales

I immediately envisioned a sewing studio up there and luckily hubby agreed. Lots of internet research for inspiration ensued for layout, storage options, and the all important height-adjustable table. The Ikea Bekant range looks good, and I may consider two that can be put together for a larger cutting surface. They also have an L-shaped version.

Ikea white Bekant table with adjustable height

When at home, I like to work standing up and use this desktop converter when at my computer.

FITUEYES desk converter with laptop and mouse

I also have a raised table for cutting as described in this blog post, and enjoy using the sewing machine at this height too.

Young Asian female standing behind a tall desk using it for sewing and cutting fabric, with a tabby cat sitting on the cutting mat

I'm looking at what ideas I can take from my current sewing station.

Sewing station consisting of oak wooden sideboard with cutting mat, copper wire basket with sewing books, Ikea white pegboard with shelves and boxes for organising, overlocker and lamp

Natural light is a huge bonus and there is a large window at one end of the room. I have always dreamt of a place with a view of water, be it a pond, lake, river or sea. You can imagine my delight when discovering the view at sunrise one frosty morning.

Beautiful sunrise view of the Mill Pond in Pembroke, Wales

The house is in the little town of Pembroke which boasts a lovely castle and Mill Pond.

We're so excited to stay here but the plaster on our walls and ceilings is in poor condition and so hubby is starting to pull it down. It’s a bit of a shock to see it right now, but it’s an incredible opportunity to build an amazing sewing studio made for me.

Demolition of loft attic room to be converted into sewing studio, with angled ceiling and large window in Pembrokeshire, Wales

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