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My sewing station

Having finished the Sagebrush Top on holiday in Wales, I came back and unpacked my sewing stuff, and decided I needed better organisation. I was simply putting things randomly in the cupboard knowing I’d have to sort through it all again when I started my next project. It was time to join the pegboard party.

Sewing station and organisation set up on an oak sideboard with cutting mat, lamp, overlocker and basket holding sewing books. On the walls are white Ikea pegboards holding small boxes, shelves, folders and containers for storage

I am fortunate enough in the dining room to have a sideboard, a mannequin corner and ⅓ of the table dedicated to sewing. There is a good stretch of wall above the sideboard which I thought would be perfect for a pegboard. I went with those from Ikea as they seemed good value and had a decent selection of accessories - hooks, shelves, clips, containers with or without lids, and folders. The folders are handy for pattern pieces or bits of fabric.

Ikea pegboards with 2 containers and 2 shelves holding Foxglove & Field pattern weights, washi tape, needle storage, pin cushion

They were pretty simple to fix up (I mean, for hubby to fix up) with fixings only at the top of the boards. Since the bottom of the boards weren't attached I was initially worried the board would swing in and out a little when using it but the weight of stuff on the board prevents this happening. The top shelf in the photo above is holding 13 pattern weights of 130g each.

Ikea Skadis pegboard holding a unit of 16 x 1.4 litre Really Useful Boxes and folder containing pattern pieces

In addition to the Ikea accessories, I bought a unit of 16 x 0.14 litre Really Useful Boxes which are brilliant for all those little things like labels, presser feet, needles, spool caps etc. We (I mean hubby) attached the unit to the pegboard with 4 screws.

Having seen all those beautiful Pinterest photos of pegboards covered in multicoloured spools of thread, I bought a few spool holders for normal thread and bobbins and for overlocker cones made to fit these particular pegboards. I only bought a few because I wasn’t sure if I wanted all my thread out collecting dust and being exposed to the sun over long periods of time. I often take 2-3 months over one garment so there’s minimal switching around of thread for me.

I have a beautiful copper wire basket holding my sewing books and notebook. It was originally bought with the intention of storing patterns but I can see already that I’m going to need way more space for them, so they are currently in a filing cabinet.

Large copper wire basket holding several sewing books and notebook on an oak wooden sideboard

I have a small metal mesh organiser by my sewing machine for things needed there like the seam ripper, small scissors, presser feet and screwdrivers. I like the variety of sections in this organiser, making it very useful for different shaped items.

The pegboards and boxes are far from full so I have plenty of space to grow into. Having used it for a few weeks now, it is lovely to have all these things easily to hand. No doubt as time goes on I will start to add to my sewing station but this will certainly keep me going for some time.

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