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Jumpsuit Weekender workshop with Serefina Taylor (FinaMakes)

It was finally time to join the Zadie Jumpsuit party. It has been on my list for a while since buying my first ever jumpsuit only a couple of years ago, and realising how incredibly comfortable they are. They don’t have a tight restriction on the waist and have the practicality of trousers as well as looking stylish. The only downside is the undressing to go to the toilet, but that is something I am willing to put up with. You can read my review of the Zadie Jumpsuit here.

Having watched episodes of the Great British Sewing Bee involving jumpsuits with ‘hungry bums’, I thought it would be sensible to get help with fitting my first one, and so I jumped (pardon the pun) at the chance to attend a jumpsuit fitting workshop with Serefina Taylor (aka FinaMakes) at the lovely Bristol fabric store Like Sew Amazing. I had already attended her bodice and trouser block workshops and so I knew that it would be another fun weekend where I learnt a lot and came away with a valuable pattern that fit, as well as some beautiful fabric :)

The workshop

This was a two day workshop over the weekend and we had a choice of the Paper Theory Zadie, Closet Core Blanca or True Bias Rory / Nova / Shelby.

Grid of photos of the Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory in ochre linen, The Blanca Flight Suit by Closet Core Patterns in denim, the Shelby jumpsuit in blue floral fabric by True Bias and the Rory Jumpsuit by True Bias in orange fabric
Clockwise from top left: Paper Theory Zadie, Closet Core Blanca, True Bias Rory, True Bias Shelby

There was a group of 5 of us and we started by measuring each other. This in itself was such a valuable process to come away with these measurements. We then compared these to the pattern pieces and made a few adjustments where there were discrepancies, largely in the vertical dimension of the bodice. It was then time to make our calico toile, and by the end of day one most of us had cut this out and were in the process of sewing it up.

Bristol fabric store Like Sew Amazing with students on the Jumpsuit Weekender workshop with Serefina Taylor / FinaMakes who is fitting one of the students in a calico toile of the Closet Core Blanca Flight suit while the others are sewing their toiles

On day two, we completed sewing our toiles and had the massively helpful experience of having Fina fit the toiles on us and guide us in making the final pattern adjustments.

Back view of Kay Hallows of MingMakes in a calico toile of the Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory, with a dart pinned out at the upper shoulder and arm

By the end, we all had patterns that fit us well and were ready to sew up. To me this was the most exciting thing as I have often spent weeks on this process, and never quite getting there in the end. Fina had suggested adjustments I’d not considered before and it was such an eye opener to see the different ways she would pin out excess and adjust the patterns.

Front view of Kay Hallows of MingMakes in a calico toile of the Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory

Fina has such a fun personality and it made for a really lovely atmosphere. I also like her attention to detail, and when I was tempted to think that’ll do, she encouraged me to do it with more precision for a better result which I never regretted. She was careful to give each of us all the time and help we wanted. The other students were equally lovely, as was Sarah the owner of Like Sew Amazing who was cheering us on and providing everything we needed.

We all had plenty of time for our projects, most finishing before the end. The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly, and it extended to any shoppers visiting the store wondering what we were doing.

Sewing space

The workshop takes place within the store, and it’s inspiring to be sewing amongst all that beautiful fabric. I have often come away with several purchases on these days! It’s also handy to browse and buy any haberdashery items - my jumpsuit involved a waist tie which I was struggling to turn right side out so I bought the Prym loop turning set which has been on my wishlist for some time and I was amazed at how much easier it made this task.

Prym loop turning set

The maximum number of people on these workshops is 5 as the shop comfortably fits 5 tables. Each of us had a sewing box with all the tools we needed, there were rulers, dot and cross paper, calico, an iron and sewing machines all available. The kitchen is well stocked with tea and coffee, with a table where we could all have our lunch.

The store is located on the ground floor of a unit in an industrial estate in Bedminster, Bristol. On the weekends there is free parking on neighbouring roads, or metered parking on weekdays with the first 30 mins free.


This was my third workshop here and I’d definitely attend another, particularly those involving fitting. It’s one thing to learn about fitting through books and videos, but quite another to have an expert fit a pattern directly on you. To come away with a fitted toile and pattern after a weekend feels like an amazing achievement.

You can read my post on the actual fitting adjustments made here, and my review of the pattern itself here.

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Serefina Taylor / FinaMakes on Instagram, YouTube, website (under construction at time of writing but is worth signing up to her newsletter)

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