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Rolled hem tutorial

This is a video and written tutorial about using a rolled hemmer foot, showing you an easy foolproof way to get it started. A rolled hem is a narrow hem folded under twice and it looks really neat and doesn't add much bulk. I am using the Janome 6mm foot, obviously you’ll need what fits your machine. I have demonstrated this on my Mimi Blouse project.

Step 1 - Fold hem under twice and press the end

In my case, I wanted to press under twice by 6mm, to match the width of my hemming foot. Fold under twice at the end you are starting to sew, this can be done by estimating but by all means use a ruler or seam gauge if you wish. Press the first inch or two, then take it over to your sewing machine.

Step 2 - Insert under the presser foot and lower the needle

Insert this whole folded section under the presser foot and then line it up so the needle pierces where you want the stitching to start. I want it close to the inner folded edge as this is where the hemming foot will continue the stitching. Lower the presser foot and then lower the needle into the fabric. To secure the stitching, sew a couple of stitches and then backstitch.

Step 3 - Insert the fabric into the scroll of the foot

Keeping the needle down, lift up the presser foot. Use something with a point to it to guide the fabric into the scroll backwards. Once you’ve done that, flatten it out at the front so the raw edge sits against the left side of the feed as labelled in the photo and the fold sits against the right side with the fabric fairly flat.

Step 4 - Start sewing, carefully feeding the fabric in at an angle

Photo of feeding fabric into scroll rolled hemming foot at an angle

To feed it in, fold the fabric over to the same width as the feed as described above and instead of feeding it straight on, follow the angle of the scroll.

Step 5 - Admire your beautifully neat finished result

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