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Getting the Mimi Blouse collar to meet together at the top

Mimi Blouse collar meeting above the top button

When looking at the 3 versions of the Mimi blouse in the book Love At First Stitch, they all had a slight gap between the collar which I wasn’t crazy about.

One positive was that it shows the top button nicely, but my preference was still to have the collar meeting at the top and therefore have the top button partially hidden. And so I did the following:

Tutorial - getting the Mimi Blouse collar to meet together at the top

The instructions guide you to pin the collar to the bodice starting from the vertical fitting line (where the buttonholes and buttons will lie). Given the 1.5cm seam allowance and the fact that the collar points away from the fitting line at an angle, this creates the small gap at the top as shown in this diagram. The yellow piece indicates the collar, the white piece is the bodice front on the right side.

Diagram of Mimi Blouse collar instructions, showing how the gap between the two collars appears

So if you would prefer the collar to meet together, here are the steps:

Step 1 - Mark the seam allowance on the collar

In this pattern, it is 1.5cm from the raw edge.

1.5 cm seam allowance marked on Mimi Blouse collar

Step 2 - Lay this on the front bodice so this mark crosses the fitting line

The fitting line on each front bodice piece is where the buttonholes and buttons line up, and so you want the collar to meet this line once the seam is sewn. With raw edges together, move the collar piece so that the seam allowance you marked meets this fitting line.

Moving the Mimi Blouse collar so it intersects the fitting line at the seam allowance

Step 3 - Pin in place, repeat on the other side and sew the collar in place

This should ensure your collar now meets together at the top.

Photo of finished Mimi Blouse with collar meeting together at the top

My full review of the Mimi Blouse can be found here.

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